About Us

We are a well-established group of 8 small to medium sized branches and we specialize in many different fields. So in short, we serve you at home, when you leave, and follow through until you get back home safe and happy! Providing our services along your path with genuine passion.

At ProGroup, we take care of your building cleanliness and disinfection, deliver your cargo, produce solutions for business owners who would like to reimagine their business, operate your hotel, mall, coffee shop or restaurant for you, we can even wash your car while you are shopping or visiting any of the major hotels and much more.

Our vision:

Work smarter to give value and quality to our customers and community, while maintaining a green eco-friendly environment.

Our mission:

To fully support our clients whether they are individuals, small businesses, or coroporations, we serve our customers with passion & honesty.

Our Values:

We are a mindful, transparent, and humane business.

We plan and build for the long term.

We value craftsmanship in all we make.

We believe fun should be a part of everything we do.

We keep it real, always.


Our Services


We provide Malls, business buildings and public places with cleaning and disinfection services.


We are specialized in providing our clients with best business solution to revive and reimagine their business path


We are committed to serve your car (Dry wash, cleaning & waxing)

wherever you go (parking lots of malls, hotel, business community buildings, restaurants etc..). We are expanding to serve you everywhere you go.

Pro-Smart solution

We support digital advertising, help with digital marketing, and produce marketing plans.

We bring e-commerce to your door step. 


We can quickly, efficiently and safely, transport, and deliver your things within the country


Get your car cleaned wherever you are, using our eco-friendly water saving methods. 

Pro-Trade and Smart Solution

Contact ProGroup for any business, digital marketing, advertising, or e-commerce needs and enjoy a stress-free enviroment.

All this and much more at ProGroup!

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