Business model
PROWASH Services is an exciting car wash business that is specialized in the provision of professional exterior and interior car wash services. The business is spread across Egypt within Local malls,
covered parking lots and many other locations such as business towers and major restaurants. Our HQ is located in Heliopolis Cairo.
PROWASH is an independent company under the Egyptian legal umbrella following the standards of the PROGROUP UAE. as the business is located within shopping malls and high population areas, this will provide a steady flow of customers to the business. The business is managed by three competent, skilled and experienced
entrepreneurs that have a passion for keeping motor vehicles clean, they are led by a Group General Manager with more than 25 years experience within the executive role.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the Car Wash business of choice in Egypt, a one stop shop & destination for mobile Waterless Car Wash serving both individuals, corporate and be the Car Wash business role model in Egypt.

Our Mission

The mission of PROWASH is to provide quality car wash services, make the service ordered at their fingertips that is available at their doorsteps. We will exceed the expectations of all stakeholders including the members of the close corporation, the customers, employees, suppliers, community and Government authorities. This will be attained through enhancing the profitability in the business, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction at all times, creating a vibrant environment to promote productivity at the work place; taking part in local community activities and complying with Government regulations.

Values and Principles

Efficiency and innovation:

PROWASH Services values efficiency and effectiveness in its internal processes. It takes into account the employment of Information Technology (IT) both in it’s front office and the back office operations. The entity is undoubtedly innovative and creative in the solutions it provides to its valued customers.

Team work, communication, trustworthiness:

The business values the promotion of teamwork at the workplace and will reward teamwork or team effort as opposed to individual effort. The business will always have open lines of communication at the workplace and with clients.  The business will promote a culture of trustworthiness at the workplace and with its valued customers.

Honesty, integrity:

we base our recruitment and selection criteria on honesty and integrity while at the same time take into consideration, the qualifications and technical experience of potential employees.

PROWASH Waterless Car wash

The Basic Idea Behind Waterless Car Wash

An eco-friendly method for washing your car.Using little or no water for cleaning the vehicle.

Its much easier than the traditional way of cleaning.

Save precious water yet provides better results.

The whole process of cleaning only uses a as little as a one literof water.

Car cleaning experts clean the narrow spaces of the car.

Save time, effort and money.

What Packages Do We Offer



  • Wind shield & glass dust removal
  • Total body wash Using PROWASH High End washing products
  • Wash tires & rims
  • Wash external fiber parts


(Light waxing can last up to 30 days depending on environmental conditions)

  • Wind shield & glass dust removal
  • Total body wash Using PROWASH High End washing products
  • Polish wax finish
  • Polish tires & rims
  • Polish external fiber parts


(Light hybrid nano materials)

  • Wind shield & glass dust removal
  • Total body wash Using PROWASH High End washing products
  • Polish using PROWASH finish Hybrid product "nano particles, wax mixture"
  • Polish tires & rims
  • Polish external fiber parts
  • Clean car mats
  • Clean & polish console, dashboard and interior parts (shiny or mat finish)

Pro-Wash is an eco-friendly and efficient car cleaning services, uses only less than 1 liter of water, complete cleaning services. Our  solutions repel dust and mud for longer time.

Take the opportunity with Pro-Wash and have waterless car wash services from the professional experts, say goodbye to stains and save money and time as well.

We only use mist, so we don’t harm the paint or original polish of the car by using any other method such as high pressure pump.

Disadvantages of high pressure car washers: 

There is always a risk of damaging the external body from the high pressure. Not only it can damage the paint, but can also create a dent; and getting car paint and dents fixed can cost a lot of money.

Welcome To PROWASH Auto Care